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Canada: UBC makes 18 electric-car charging stations available to the public

UBC and Plug in BC have made 18 electric-car charging stations available across the university’s campus.

The University of British Columbia has debuted 18 new electric-car charging stations.

The infrastructure project was completed in April but was only recently opened to the general public. It is the result of a partnership between UBC and Plug in BC, an initiative of the provincial government and was based on a report by UBC’s Transportation Infrastructure and Public Space Lab (TIPS), which included demographic considerations, adoption factors, and a planning framework.

Iain Evans, UBC’s associate director of strategic partnerships, told the Straight that the project was implemented with the goal of reducing the univeristy’s greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. “Obviously getting C02 down [and] displacing gasoline or fossil-fuel vehicles on campus with electrics helps us achieve that,” he said.

“The second major one [benefit] is research,” Evans continued, “We have quite a lot of expertise in micro grids [and] power electronics, so luckily using the actual charging infrastructure itself to do research, and by extension teaching, getting students engaged in research projects is a massive benefit for us.”

A third positive outcome of the project is community engagement, Evans said. He explained that it’s UBC’s hope that by providing infrastructure for the community will encourage students, academics, and residents of area to go electric.


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