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Canada: Shumlin announces initial implementation of electric vehicle charging corridor between Vermont and Québec

MONTRÉAL- Gov. Peter Shumlin and Québec Premier Pauline Marois today unveiled the first sites of the Vermont-Québec Electric Charging Corridor. The corridor is the result of an agreement between Drive Electric Vermont and the Québec-based Electric Circuit.

The corridor will initially link Burlington and Montréal and – thanks to the more than 20 charging stations installed along the route – will give electric vehicle drivers assurance that they can charge when needed along the route between Vermont and Québec. The number of charging stations is expected to increase with the signing of new partnership agreements. Construction of the stations is progressing smoothly, and the 138 mile corridor which includes I-89 and Highway A-10, Rte 104 and Rte 133, is expected to open this fall.

“Alternative fuel vehicles lower our reliance on gasoline, helping both our environment and our energy independence. With the number of alternative energy vehicles growing at tremendous rates, these stations, along with websites identifying their location, will support visitors and residents as they use this clean and efficient mode of transportation,” said Gov. Shumlin. “Using electricity rather than gasoline will mean clean transportation for the region at a lower cost. I am pleased to join Premier Marois in announcing the significant progress that has been made on the Vermont-Québec Electric Charging Corridor”


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