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Unlimited range, higher resale value, access to new battery technologies and less expensive cars are possible.

Tesla has said all along that its Model S has a swappable battery pack. Now the company, with Elon Musk on the stage, has a shown this capability in a public launch. The swaps take about 90 seconds, less than the time it takes to fill an empty gas tank. Swaps won’t be free (like the charging), but will cost the same as the market price for filling up the 20 gallon (or so) tank of a luxury car, $50-60.

Battery swap stations will be built along side with charging stations in an unannounced schedule.

Watch the Tesla video:

Once the network of swap stations are built, new horizons will open up for Tesla, as well as other electric car makers who follow Tesla’s lead:

— With recharging or battery swapping Tesla cars will have the same unlimited range as petro-fueled cars.

— Model S owners with a lesser range battery pack will be able trade up to a larger battery pack for a fee said (in other publications) to be equivalent to price difference in battery pack size when new.

— As lithium-ion battery technology improves Tesla owners should have the ability to swap up to the next generation battery. (A fee probably here as well.)

— Different battery chemistries, such as aluminum-air or lithium air, should be able to swapped into existing cars when they become available. (Fee too!)


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