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Are Silicon Valley employers becoming urban transportation planners?

The Silicon Valley Energy Summit (SVES) 2013 last Friday focused on the energy landscape, best practices, emerging technologies, and the future of government policy.

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The session on electric transportation charging infrastructure convened executives from three large corporations in Silicon Valley: Brian Glazebrook, Senior Global Sustainability Manager from NetApp; Jessica Herrera, Transportation Program Manager from Facebook; and Claudia Rodas, Senior Manager, Corporate Real Estate and Workplace Services from Juniper Networks. The panel was moerated by Josh Boone, Senior Manager of Business Development & Programs at the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative. The speakers discussed Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at their corporate campuses, shared their implementation statistics, program management and engagement considerations, lessons learned, and future deployment plans.

Here are the numbers as reported last Friday:

Facebook has 3200 employees in the Menlo Park, CA campus. 3200 parking spots. Charging stations today: 12 Level 1 ( 120 Volt AC), 25 Level 2 (240 V AC), 1 DC Fast charger with high voltages (300-600 V DC). Facebook began installing the stations in April 2012. Today, there are 133 registered EV drivers at Facebook.

Juniper Networks has 3500 employees in the Sunnyvale campus. 3650 parking spots. Charging stations today: 4 Level 1 AC; 20 Level 2 AC. Installation start date was in December 2012. There are 80 registered EV drivers at Juniper.

NetApp has 4000 employees in Sunnyvale. Almost 3000 parking spots in the campus. Charging stations are as follows: 12 Level 1 AC; 31 Level 2 AC. The installation date is relatively recent: April of 2013. There are 95 registered EV drivers at NetApp.


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