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5 Reasons Electric Cars Are Sexy For Everybody | EarthTechling

As you could imagine, I follow a few blogs about sustainability. I also follow a few blogs about cars. For a while I noticed a trend: I’d read about an interesting new hybrid drive or EV concept on a sustainability website only to see the same concept jeered on the gearhead boards. But lately this trend is changing, as many major manufacturers are offering the fastest and most powerful cars they’ve ever built on hybrid or EV platforms.

Here are five reasons that every guy or gal who likes to drive fast, corner hard, and squeeze every last drop of horsepower out of their ride should be as excited about EV adoption as I am:

1) Faster off the line: instant access to full torque.
Here’s a Tesla Model S beating a $106,000, 560-hp BMW M5 in a 0–100-mph drag race. How does the Tesla do it? Electric motors give you instant access to the full power of the engine at every part of the power band. The BMW has an extra 140 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque over the Tesla, but all that torque isn’t available until you get to at least 1,500 rpm. The Tesla gives instant access to its full 443 lb-ft of torque at 0 rpm.

Say goodbye to constantly (and wastefully) trying to keep the engine at 3,500 rpms while at a stop with the clutch released so that you have access to power. Say good bye to turbo lag. To put it simply, the thrill that a driver gets when he or she punches it at a traffic light will be even more thrilling when behind the wheel of an electric sports car.

Image courtesy of Tesla
As a friend put it: “I recall being next to a Tesla at a stoplight a couple weeks ago. You couldn’t hear anything over the rumble of the V8 pony car in the next lane. The light turns green and the Mustang took off. The Tesla driver then decided it was time to enter the race. With the whir of the electric motor, it overtook the Mustang instantly in the first 100 feet in near silence and never looked back.”

2) Hot Lap Mode:
Hybrid owners love the simplicity of the “Econ” button on the Honda Civic hybrid. Push the button, and your mpg goes up. For entirely different reasons, BMW enthusiasts love the “M” button on the BMW M-series. At the push of a button, throttle response is increased giving you better acceleration.

The new Porsche 918 hybrid I wrote about in October gives us buttons both environmentalists and racecar drivers will rave about. An E mode offers 15 miles of all-electric range, with brisk acceleration up to about 90 mph. A Hybrid mode uses both the gas and electric drives with a view to maximize efficiency without compromising everyday performance, offering something on the order of 70 mpg … in a supercar. Then there are the Sport Hybrid, Race Hybrid, and Hot Lap modes, which run the gas engine 100 percent of the time, use regenerative braking and the V8 engine to recharge the battery, and which offer the full power of the gas and electric drives combined. We’re talking 60 mph from a standing start in less than 3 seconds.



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