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Zutalors: Mercedes rolls out nine-foot, recyclable electric car for Americans

Here it comes, all nine-feet of it. Mercedes-Benz USA has started rolling out the “smart for two” electric car to local dealerships, “billed as the most affordable electric vehicle in the U.S. – with the smallest footprint of any car on American roads.”

And hip, too. Please, no capitalization on the name.

Naturally, Mercedes offers some exclusive features on the micro-mobile.

It can be ordered as a convertible. It features a patented “safety cell” around the driver that functions like a race car’s roll cage. It can be customized in 6,000 possible combinations and has has a mile-per-gallon equivalent of 122 miles in the city on a full charge.

Cost? It’s about $25,000, though ‘smart’ can be had for just under $20,000 should a customer opt to rent the battery for $80 a month. There are myriad smart phone and tablet interfaces with the company’s websites, plus a “range cloud” that gauges how far that teeny car can go on its existing charge.



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