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You’re Invited to Change the Future of Electric Vehicles

If you’re an owner/leaser of a plug-in electric vehicle, or are thinking about becoming one, we invite you to participate in a historic survey research program that will use your opinions and experiences to improve tomorrow’s cars.

It’s called PlugInsights and it’s brought to you by two of the biggest names in the plug-in car community: Recargo Inc., maker of the Recargo mobile charge-finder app, and

Why you? Because you’re part of a small group of forward-thinking people with the vision to see the electric future. It’s hard to believe, but in 2013, less than 100,000 of the 250 million passenger vehicles on American roads today are plug-in vehicles. Our mission is to amplify the voice of anyone who owns — or is considering owning — a plug-in vehicle. We’ll then bring your opinions and experiences to the place they’re needed most: the ears of automakers, power utilities, regulators, and the rest of the plug-in car industry.

It’s your chance to make an enormous difference.

Here’s how it works. Every few weeks we will send you a short survey on a different topic of vital importance to the plug-in community. The insights we collect will end up in important research papers, at industry conferences, and on the desks of key decision-makers. Not only is it totally free, but we randomly give away dozens of gift cards worth up to $100 each and every time we conduct a survey.

So won’t you add your voice?

Click here and let’s get started!

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who owns/leases a plug-in vehicle, or is seriously considering it. We’d love their input, too!


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