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Winding Road | Base Versus Loaded: 2013 Tesla Model S

Believe it or not, doing these Base Versus Loaded pieces can be a pain in the neck. Take our last BvL, with the Porsche 911 GT3, a car that has an absurdly long, convoluted options list. Finding the most expensive combination of options is no easy task (not that we’re complaining about sitting around playing with car configurators).

That was not a problem on the Tesla Model S, the electric car that seemingly can do no wrong. The options list is wonderfully straightforward, yet it includes everything we could possibly want that doesn’t already come standard.

The Model S is also one of those rare cases where the Winding Road model is remarkably simple to configure. Take a fully loaded Model S Performance, which retails for $111,670 after a $7500 Federal tax credit, and swap out the done-to-death Multi-Coat pearlescent paint (we prefer a simple black, which also saves $1500). Next, select one of the beautiful, no-cost wood trims and the no-cost tan leather. We could also get rid of the Paint Armor and parcel shelf, for an extra $1200 in savings. Total price for the Winding Road Model S would be $108,970 after the Federal tax credit.


Price: $71,070 (Tesla Model S) + $0 (Destination) + $0 (Options) – $7500 (Federal Tax Credit) = $63,570


Price: $96,070 (Tesla Model S Performance) + $0 (Destination) + $23,100 (Options) – $7500 (Federal Tax Credit) = $111,670

What $48,100 Buys

Model S Performance Package: $25,000
-Upgraded drivetrain, interior, and suspension
Pearl White Paint: $1500
All Glass Panoramic Roof: $1500
21-inch Grey Performance Wheels: $3500
Performance Plus Package: $6500
-Upgraded dampers
-Upgraded bushings
-Upgraded stabilizer bars
-Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires
-Wider rear tires
Tech Package: $3750
-GPS Navigation system with onboard maps and free map updates for seven years
-Automatic keyless entry
-High-definition back-up camera
-Xenon headlights
-Electrochromatic side mirrors
-LED cornering lights
-Ground lighting under door handles
-Power rear liftgate
-GPS-enabled Homelink system
-Memory seats
Sound Studio Package: $950
-XM Satellite Radio
-580-watt, 12-speaker Dolby ProLogic 7.1 system
-HD space for over 3000 songs
Rear Facing Seats: $1500
Parcel Shelf: $250
Paint Armor: $950
Twin Chargers: $1500
High-Power Wall Connector: $1200

Standard Features



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