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Why China is slow to accept electric vehicles

China has been trying to interest folks in electric cars, in an attempt to ameliorate the scrofulous pollution plaguing their major cities, but the lack of understanding of this technology as well as the higher price of electric vehicles has resulted in very limited penetration of the market.
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The Nissan Leaf (2012 model) Photo © 2012 by Don Bain


The great boom in Chinese auto ownership has largely occurred over the last 10 years in a society that was for decades divided into a small ruling class and a largely level working class – the car is the first true status symbol in the new market economy, which allows citizens to own property like automobiles.

The automobile is not simply a utilitarian means of transportation – exotic and luxury models are extremely popular among the newly successful quasi-capitalists and even those who cannot afford Bentley or Rolls Royce automobiles are still fully aware the car they drive says volumes about who they are in the evolving Chinese world.


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