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RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. — Is there a better way to travel quickly from, say, downtown Los Angeles to downtown San Francisco then the high-speed rail that has been proposed, especially since that Bullet train will be the slowest and most expensive in the world? Elon Musk answered his own question at the All Things Digital conference: the “Hyperloop.”

You pay attention to the answer because Musk is the brilliant and charismatic mind behind Tesla Motors and SpaceX. As Chris Anderson (of TED conference fame) tweeted: “You can make strong case @elonmusk is world’s greatest living entrepreneur and game changer.”

So what exactly is the Hyperloop? Apparently, it’s not a plane, train or the kind of spacecraft Musk has in mind for traveling to Mars. Instead Musk vaguely described the Hyperloop as a cross between the Concorde, a rail gun and, of all things, an Air Hockey table. Musk hopes to reveal more about the Hyperloop idea late next month, so stay tuned.

Among the other highlights to emerge from Musk’s engaging discussion:

— It’ll take three to five years before Tesla costs $30,000.

— By month’s end, the footprint of the Supercharging network for charging electric vehicles faster will triple, making it possible to drive from Los Angeles to New York.



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