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USA: Mccc Students Build Electric Car

Wyatt Empie, of Ida, a second year student at Monroe County Community College drives the SAE electrical car built by the special project SAE electrical car class. Photo by Tom Hawley.

#Wyatt Empie spent part of his class- time at Mon­roe County Community College on Friday inside a low-slung learning lab. #The student from Ida climbed behind the wheel of an experimental elec­tric vehicle he and fellow automotive engineering students cobbled togeth­er as a potential entry in the Society of Automotive Engineers student electric car competition. #MCCC has entered tra­ditional internal combus­tion engine cars in SAE competitions over the years, but this will be the school’s first electric en­try. #“ We converted one of the old gas-fueled cars to electric,” explained Don Kehrer, MCCC assistant professor of automotive engineering technology. #Students from various courses contributed to the effort because its con­struction incorporated a range of disciplines, ev­erything from welding to electronics to computer technology to design. #“It truly represents kind of a symbiotic relation­ship between all the pro­grams,” said Tom Harrill, assistant professor of electronics and computer technology.



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