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The Tesla Model S Is The New Toyota Prius | Consumer | Minyanville’s Wall Street

To say it’s been a great couple of weeks for Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) would be putting it lightly.

On Wednesday, May 8, the rapidly-growing manufacturer of electric cars became a Wall Street darling after its announced its first-ever quarterly profit, driven by significantly better-than-expected sales.

But even more importantly, the highly-influential Consumer Reports gave the Tesla Model S luxury sedan a stunning 99/100 score, making it the highest rated car of all time.

That wasn’t the only source of praise for the Model S.

Motor Trend named it the 2012 car of the year (as did many other outlets), and extremely positive reviews have streamed in from everyone from Edmund’s to Yahoo Autos to the Wall Street Journal.

So I’ll get right to the point. I think Tesla is right where Toyota (NYSE:TM) was with the Prius hybrid at the turn of the millennium.

From 2003 to 2004, I served as a spreadsheet jockey for a Toyota research department. Internally (and this is no secret), the company was massively bullish on the potential of hybrid cars.

But externally, for mass-market consumers, the Prius was largely viewed as a novelty item for smug, tree-hugging, ostentatious hippies.

Back then, I spoke to an awful lot of consumers who 1) didn’t know what a hybrid card was or 2) insisted they would never become popular.

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