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The tall person’s guide to electric cars

Which plug-in electric car is best for tall people? Green Car Reports offers the best and the worst of plug-in electric cars for very tall drivers.

A Tesla Model S electric sedan is driven near the company’s factory in Fremont, Calif. The Tesla Model S luxury sport sedan is the ideal electric car for one tall employee at High Gear Media.

We recently got a question from reader John Meurer that we’d never considered: Which plug-in electric car is best for tall people?

m 6’2″ & wear a 44 Long suit,” Meurer wrote. “I need an electric car I can afford and I can fit comfortably in.”

So we reached out to High Gear Media colleague Bengt Halvorson. At 6’6″, he’s an inadvertent expert on which cars accommodate those in the upper height percentiles.

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“In general, a tall, upright seating position is the ideal,” Bengt told us.

“I dislike cars that make me feel either hunched closer to the steering wheel than I’d otherwise be, or propped up too close to the roof.”

Best bet costs $70,000-plus

The ideal electric car for him, of course, is the Tesla Model S luxury sport sedan.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA], is more than 6 feet tall, and he fits comfortably in the driver’s seat–as the photo above shows.

Our 6’2″ author David Noland, who has written about ordering, receiving, and driving his 2013 Tesla Model S, is also over 6 feet and finds the car comfortable (even if his bikes don’t quite fit).

But, if you can’t afford a Tesla Model S–the lowest-priced model now starts at $69,900–we’d summarized Bengt’s comments on the rest of the plug-in electric cars offered for sale this year.


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