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The First Shift: Tesla wants to take on the Nissan LEAF

Financial freedom may spell more models for Tesla, Henrik Fisker wants to buy back his company and the C7 Corvette’s specs have reportedly leaked online

The First Shift: Chrysler fires back at Tesla’s ‘umistakably incorrect’ replayment claim
The First Shift: ‘Loser’ Tesla pays back its loan to the U.S. government 9-years early

Tesla’s hard-fought battle nearly concluded last week when it paid back its $458.1-million loan to the U.S. Department of Energy. So what lies ahead for the EV automaker, aside from arguing with Chrysler over who paid back their loan first? Well, according to The Detroit News, CEO Elon Musk is looking to do battle with the Nissan LEAF.

With financial freedom on the table, there are many options for Tesla, including selling the company or teaming up with others. An acquisition may be on the table, but Mr. Musk does not plan to opt for that route until he has an affordable car in Tesla’s lineup. He admits while the Model is is “compelling”, it is not without its pitfalls – namely, price. Mr. Musk says the new model would be aimed at the LEAF, ringing in below $40,000. It will reportedly have a 200-mile range (321 km) range and hit the road in “three to four years.”


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