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Tesla Trebles Charging Stations as CEO Musk Teases ‘Hyperloop’ Announcement

Electric car company Tesla will triple the size of its US charging network by the end of June, increasing the number of supercharger stations from eight to 24 and making longer journeys a reality.

Despite strong sales of its Model S electric saloon car, Elon Musk’s Tesla company had faced criticism for the limited range of its cars and lack of stations to quickly recharge them.

Speaking at the All Things Digital conference a day before Tesla was due to make an official announcement on the expanded network, Musk revealed the tripling of superchargers, which can give Tesla cars a 150-mile boost in range from 30 minutes of charging.

Musk added: “By the end of this year the supercharger network will have covered most metro areas of the US and southern Canada, and you’ll be able to drive from LA to New York just using the supercharger network.”

Tesla has previously said it hopes to have 100 superchargers installed by 2014; there are currently just six in California and two on the east coast.

Musk said Tesla will be increasing the density of chargers where they are most popular and also increase their spread geographically, significantly reducing the risk of drivers running out of charge between stations. The extra chargers will go some way towards defending the company against comments made by New York Times reporter John Broder, who claimed during his review of the Model S that he was unable to drive as far as Tesla had promised, sparking a war of words between himself and Musk.



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