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Tesla sighting in NH – in my driveway

I don’t own one yet, however great to have a family stop by for a quick charge
of their 85kwhr Model S. First time in 17 years of EV interest I’ve had anyone
stop for a charge! Other than a few club members anyway. Beautiful, sleek
spacious interior. It was barely parked and my neighbor who bought my previous
house was in the driveway taking pictures of it.

Nice to see it charging at full rated 40 amps. Unlike lead-acid, it was still
taking full current until nearly full. And the display even showed the charge
rate of 26 miles per hour as well as the current and voltage. They get double
that at their home with the dual charger option and 265mph at the super chargers
which they used on a trip to Washington, DC. 5009 miles on the clock in only
two months!
Source NEEAA


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