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Tesla Model S has secret menu that shows possible upcoming features

The Telsa Model S may have won just about every automotive award it could last year, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect vehicle. Far from it. Drivers have been asking when the already high-tech vehicle will get somewhat normal features, like adaptive cruise control or blind spot detection. Well, a new video of menus hidden within the giant touch screen in the Model S shows that those two features might be coming soon, along with a lane departure warning. When these options might arrive is anyone’s guess, but the video (see it below) shows that the software is at least in the prototype stage. In any case, unless Tesla has installed a bunch of sensors and not told anyone about them, turning these features on will require more than just a software update.

The hidden menu also shows some as-of-yet-unannounced apps in the car’s software: an image viewer, a sketch pad, a scheduler/calendar and various test apps.

The way you access these menus, apparently, is by holding down the Tesla logo on the main menu for a few seconds and then entering an access code. We don’t know this password and we also don’t recommend fooling around in there, since it looks like you might be able to muck things up, but good. We have enough trouble rooting our phones and we’re not sure we’d like to take the risk with an $70,000+ electric vehicle. But if someone else wants to do so and post a video online, then we’re happy to watch.


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