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Start an electric car charging station network business with GreenLots SKY software platform

The GreenLots SKY platform helps businesses set up and manage electric car charging station networks, handling customer service, billing and network management.
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Launching into business as an electric car charging station operator just became easier with the introduction, on Wednesday, of GreenLots SKY v3.0 software platform. The software-as-a-service platform enables a company to install electric car charging stations, configure them to connect to the GreenLots servers, and use that system to manage the charging stations.

The GreenLots system implements a range of open standards that are typically available on the charging stations. These include OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol), SEP2, OpenADR, and HomePlug Green PHY. The Open Charge Point Protocol was specifically designed for charging network operators to use to communicate with their charging stations, monitoring their status, remotely configuring them, and allowing customers to use the stations to initiate charging sessions.



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