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Seward, Nebraska Installs ChargePoint EV Charging Stations

When Seward, Nebraska, a community of 6,964 inhabitants, dedicates three electric vehicle charging stations by ChargePoint next Monday, April 22, it joins other Nebraska communities ‘laying rail’ for the next generation of transportation–electric travel.

“The beauty of electric vehicles,” said Brett Baker, Seward city administrator, “is that it takes longer to refuel an electric vehicle. Should business owners in our communities buy and install charging stations for their customers, they will add value to their business and to our regional economy. It’s shown that electric vehicle drivers stay longer at locations where they can top off their vehicle battery.”

“Plus, Nebraska is a public power state. When we invest in electric transportation, we are reinvesting in the transportation fuel we already own– Nebraska public power,” Baker said.

“We know that electric vehicles reduce air pollution, add value to commercial property and run on public power,” Baker said. “That’s a win- win-win for Nebraska where we like our clean air, we support our local business owners and we really like keeping our gasoline dollars at home.”

Baker is president of the Nebraska City-County Management Association, the organization spearheading the statewide network of electric vehicle refueling stations. Early hub communities in Nebraska to install a ChargePoint are South Sioux City, Bellevue, Nebraska City, Albion, Seward, Lexington, Ogallala, and Farnam. Clusters of ChargePoints will radiate from each community hub, effectively integrating each community to its neighbor to enable electric travel throughout Nebraska.

Public access to ChargePoints in Nebraska will be located where most people drive and park a while, such as hotels and motels, local grocery stores, schools and universities, shopping centers, hospitals or clinics, restaurants, the library or the workplace, providing the necessary return trip or extended trip recharge for electric vehicle drivers. Public access to electric fuel dispensers extend the range of an electric vehicle battery when away from home. Seward has installed a ChargePoint at the Seward Public Library, the Seward Public Schools and Concordia University of Nebraska.

“I think this is a great prospect for Nebraska. To show its concern for the environment, its strong support for public power, and its resourcefulness,” said Lance Hedquist, City Administrator for South Sioux City and an early advocate of promoting and supporting electrified transportation throughout Nebraska.

“A statewide program that ties us together and allows for longer journeys is both innovative and the key for our future.”

Just like the railroads, a hundred and fifty years ago.


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