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Richard Branson Introduction to Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology – Trains, Planes and Automobiles

1. POTENTIAL +/- DIFFERENCE INC. 01/11/2013 Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology Introduction to Richard BransonHello Richard,Please allow me to introduce you to a new technology innovation that will help you achieve and evenexceed many of your energy efficiency/CO2 reduction targets. This innovation can be immediatelyintegrated into your trains and reduce energy consumption by 50 – 75%.This new innovation is called Regenerative Acceleration and it is the exact flip side of regenerative brakingwhich is already employed in your trains which I was happy to read about last night on page 196 of yourbook, “SCREW IT LET”S DO IT.”Regenerative braking, as the name implies is a decelerating effect that the electric motors in your trainscreate when they are operating as generators and sending power back to the trains batteries or grid. Thebraking forces are caused by a magnetic field that is created inside the generator which produces acounter-electromotive torque on the generator driveshaft. This counter-torque works against the directionof rotation of the train’s wheels which are originally rotating the generator and the train decelerates as aresult. Our company discovered in 2007 – completely by accident that this internal magnetic field torquedirection can actually be reversed!We had the original discovery validated at MIT, Ontario Hydro and the University of Ottawa although notone PhD had any clue as to what was causing our generator to accelerate when delivering power to a loadwhen all conventional scientific wisdom said it ought to decelerate. The University of Ottawa then kindlyand bravely provided us with lab space from 2008 – 2010 against massive internal resistance anduniversity politics so that we could develop the backing theory and refine the technology, which we arenow patenting and commercializing worldwide.The innovation developed by our company is an electric generator which reverses the generator’s inducedtorque direction and produces a complementary-electromotive torque instead of a counter-electromotivetorque. The result is an electric generator which has the ability to send power back to the grid whilecreating a torque which will not decelerate your trains but will actually help accelerate them instead(again, while simultaneously sending power back to the grid). In addition, the complementary torquecreated by our generator adds to the train’s original motor torque and reduces the energy consumptionaccordingly.Third party independent tests carried out by a Canadian National Research Council of Canada scientist atthe University of Ottawa have shown that the input energy reduction can be as high as 60% while theregenerative energy returned to the grid exceeds 800% over a conventional generator under identicaloperating conditions. regenerative braking mode the conventional regenerative braking generator will eventually decelerateyour trains down to a dead stop while the regenerative output will eventually fall to nil. The regenerativeacceleration generator on the other hand will help accelerate your trains up to their full speed while theregenerative output delivered to the grid continues to increase.
2. POTENTIAL +/- DIFFERENCE INC. 01/11/2013 Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology Introduction to Richard BransonThe regenerative braking system currently on your trains can only be employed under deceleration orbraking but the regenerative acceleration generator can be employed during virtually 100% of the train’soperation, during acceleration, coasting, deceleration and braking – with or without a regenerative brakingoption.If a flywheel energy storage system (KERS) is employed the regenerative acceleration generator cancontinue to send power back to the grid long after the train has been stopped – exceeding the usabilityduration of the innovation to well over 100%. The only thing that will cause the generator to deceleratewhile sending power to the grid while operating in flywheel mode is the generator’s bearing friction buteven this can be virtually eliminated with magnetic bearings. PDi has developed a passive conicalmagnetic bearing system with this in mind which is currently now being licensed by NASA.It is even conceivable that a regenerative acceleration flywheel system in your trains will still be sendingpower back to the grid when the engineers return in the morning after the trains have been parkedovernight. In a conventional regenerative braking generator the more regenerative power delivered thegreater the breaking/decelerative effect and the higher the rate of deceleration. Whereas in theregenerative acceleration generator the exact opposite is true, so the more power returned to the grid themore acceleration the generator creates and slower the rate of deceleration in flywheel mode.This innovation can be employed not only in trains, planes and automobiles but wind turbines, nuclearpower generators, hydroelectric generators, motors and so on. Virtually any electric generator or motor onthe planet and in outer space.My wife Kim and I stopped by Virgin Green Funds New York office on our way back from the University ofVirginia ROMAC Lab (where the passive magnetic bearing design was first introduced for flywheel energystorage systems) way back in 2006 but we didn’t get a chance to speak to anyone so I hope this letterand the one below finds its way to you in 2013.Love your book BTW – should finish it today!Thanks and kind regardsThaneThane C. HeinsPresident & CEOPotential +/- Difference Inc. R & D”Using our potential to make a difference”Email: thaneh@potentialdifference.caCell: 613.795.1602YOUTUBE
3. POTENTIAL +/- DIFFERENCE INC. 01/11/2013 Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology Introduction to Richard BransonHello Virgin Green Fund Team,Yesterday I sent you all a “subtle” introduction to a new energy innovation. after that I began reading Chapter 9 of Richards book, “SCREW IT LET”S DO IT” and Irealized that I made an error in assuming that at least one of you would be able to deduce the secondarymessage and know what to do with it, i.e. immediately forward it to Mr. Branson…Now I feel compelled to be blunt and if my message falls flat it wont be due to lack of effort or candor onmy part. This information is important so please be a little flexible and try to refrain from telling yourselfthat, “this is not my job etc,” because when it comes to helping to solve the Global Warming Crisis – itseverybodys job and I think Mr. Branson wouldnt mind me saying that he would put it the exact sameway. Obviously we are all committed to the same goal.Now, the reason that no one is reaching for the “fire extinguisher” to put out the Global Warming Fire isbecause the fire extinguisher doesnt exist yet and it costs billions of dollars to produce. There are noshortage of ideas either and no doubt Virgin Green Fund has seen too many to count and is investing inthe best ones but they are all just temporary stopgap solutions of varying degrees.I am sure you hear this everyday but our company has created the Global Warming Fire Extinguisher andwe are not the ones saying it (a quick glance below will confirm this). Nor are we saying it now to try toget money from VGF either since the technology is already developed and is privately funded. We justwant Mr. Branson to be aware of it today and you people are our best hope of making that happen. party test data (by a Canadian National Research Council of Canada scientist at the University ofOttawa) shows that this innovation has the proven capacity to deliver over 876% more power over anyconventional generator used today and it does so with 62% less inputenergy. rough translation means that this innovation will increase the energy output of any electrical generatingsystem by well over 1000%. Electric vehicle range will be increased to levels previously consideredimpossible. “too good to be true” fact eventually scares the initial enthusiasm right out of virtually everyone whocomes in contact with this innovation or tends to impede the commercialization process.That being said our company is being featured in a 3-D movie by a LA film company and the producers aretrying to set up a technology demo for you and Prince Charles so the tide is changing slowly.3-D Movie Teaser: you for taking the time to read this letter.Kind regardsThaneThane C. HeinsPresident & CEOPotential +/- Difference Inc. R & D”Nothing is too wonderful to be true” ~ Michael Faraday


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