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Renault teams up with Formula E to manufacture Spark-Renault electric race car

On Thursday, Formula E Holdings announced two more steps in finalizing plans for the inaugural 2014 season of the Formula 1 style electric car racing series. In one, they announced a partnership with Renault to supply the electric race cars that were designed by Spark Racing Technologies. The other announced the 9th city, Bangkok Thailand, to be proposed for the 2014 seasons, leaving one more city to be chosen.
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In the Renault announcement, that automaker has been chosen to manufacture the 42 electric race cars for the 2014 season. Formula E’s technology subsidiary, Spark Racing Technologies, has been designing electric race cars since that company was known as Formulec. Over the winter, SRT announced arrangements with Dallara for the design work, and with McLaren for other work. Bringing Renault on board means teaming up with a company that not only is a leader in Formula 1 and other motorsports, but also a leader in electric vehicle manufacturing.

The 42 cars to be built for the 2014 season will be apportioned out to participating teams, leaving two for testing and validation. Each of the 10 teams will have two drivers, each racing with two cars. The Formula E format has the driver racing in one car until the battery poops out, at which time the driver switches to a fresh car.

The organization also announced the choice of Bangkok Thailand as the 9th city in the 2014 season. Formula E intends to hold 10 races in 2014, spread around the world. In March, they had announced the first 8 cities: London, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Beijing, Putrajaya, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. The list of 10 cities will be proposed to the FIA in September for approval.

“Renault has demonstrated a unique commitment to zero-emission mobility, with a range of four cars available for sale. Renault in Europe, and the Renault-Nissan Alliance worldwide, has gained a position of EV sales leader. Formula E is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the excellence and the reliability of our EV solutions,” said Philippe Klein, Executive Vice President, Corporate Planning, Product Planning & Programs of Renault Group. “We believe that motorsport is an efficient manner to promote the efficiency of new technologies, and we’re eager to use that single-seater in FIA Formula E championship to show our technology is the best.”



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