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Region to get nearly $1 billion for transportation projects

BY PETER BACQUÉ Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Richmond region will receive nearly $1 billion for highway and rail improvements over the next six years under the state’s new transportation funding package.

The projects are part of the state’s proposed transportation program, which allocates $15.4 billion — a $4 billion increase over the present plan — in funding for transportation improvements over the next six fiscal years beginning July 1.

“This is a historic six-year improvement program,” said Reta R. Busher, chief of planning and programming for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The last time the state had such a large, long-term infusion of tax dollars into its transportation systems was 1987.

Under the proposed spending plan, the 14-county, four-city Richmond district will receive $774 million for highway work and more than $148 for major rail projects.

The funding includes $62 million for improvements to the heavily traveled Interstate 64-Interstate 95 overlap area in Richmond, and nearly $80 million to improve railroad service between the Richmond-Petersburg area and Washington.

There’s also money to replace the Lewistown Road bridge over I-95 in Hanover County and widen I-64 between Williamsburg and Newport News


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