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Recargo And Xatori Merge To Make PlugShare The Essential App For Electric Car Drivers – TechCrunch

People are afraid that if they drive an electric vehicle, they’ll run out of juice somewhere. So to convince more people to buy electric cars and dominate the charging station locator market, Xatoriand Recargo are merging. The combined charge finder developers will go by the name Recargo to promote their station map and trip planner app PlugShare.
Xatori and its co-founders Forrest North (CEO) and Armen Petrosian (CTO) had raised $400,000 in 2011 for its suite of apps. PlugShare is North America’s largest network of EV charging stations, boasting 15,000 locations and 100,000 downloads. GreenCharge lets Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and Plug-in Prius owners monitor their vehicles’ energy levels. ChargeManager lets businesses track the status of whole fleets of EVs.Recargo is a privately funded startup that runs a self-named charging station locator and, a popular EV news source and community.



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