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Porsche unveils plug-in hybrid 918 supercar

The car promises amazing perforance with both a V-8, electric motors and a light body

For almost two years, Porsche has tantalized with its concept version of a plug-in hybrid supercar, the 918. Now comes the real thing, and what a significant car it appears to be.

Porsche probably puts its best in its announcement, including the first photos:

The new 918 Spyder “demonstrates the potential of the hybrid drive to a degree never seen before: the parallel improvement of both efficiency and performance without one being at the cost of the other. This is the idea that has made the Porsche 911 the most successful sports car in the world for 50 years.

In short, the 918 Spyder will act as the gene pool for the Porsche sports cars of the future.”

That future, as embodied in this single car due to come to market soon, will not be based on a single new technology, but several. Lightness from a body of carbon-fiber reinforced polymers. Separate electric motors on each axle. The latest V-8 engine that developed 608 horsepower.


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