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Porsche lets Panamera owners plug in anywhere

Driving an electric car requires some role-playing as a private investigator. As you skirt by gas stations, you’re scoping the area for local charging stations and conducting minute-by-minute risk assessments for how far you can travel. Go cold on the trail and your entire mission fails.

With its upcoming Panamera S E-Hybrid, Porsche doesn’t care where you plug in.

Following Tesla’s lead, Porsche is releasing a set of more than 20 plug adapters designed to fit any standard outlet in the world.

Unlike most electric cars, which require an SAE-approved Level 2 charging dock — and which a property owner is required to purchase and maintain — the E-Hybrid will let owners plug into any regular high-voltage outlet. That means a lucky Panamera owner can bum electricity off his buddy’s garage instead of being forced to visit the local Cracker Barrel restaurant, or any number of obscure and unmarked locations where public stations can be found.


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