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Plug In @ Work | Plug In America

Imagine taking an array of plug-in vehicles and electric vehicle charging options for a spin without clocking out. Imagine skipping the pressure of dealership shopping and learning about the new electric vehicles from people who own them. Envision a lunchtime symposium where you hear how your co-workers made their plug-in vehicle choice, manage their commute while they recharge at work, and find out about going solar for fuel “from the sun” while saving on their electricity bills. This and more are part of Plug In @ Work!

Plug In @ Work brings the new electric vehicle marketplace to your campus for a daylong product fair featuring test-drives and supporting information about the shift to clean, electric transportation. Plug In @ Workallows participants to explore the wide array of options presented by the new rechargeable cars without any sales pressure – activities are geared to promote greater understanding of the new vehicle choices in a comfortable, supportive setting.

Each event receives advance and day-of support information from Plug In America as well as key staff from the host organization. Advance educational materials are provided to host company employees to maximize the informational opportunity afforded by the day. Because electric vehicles are so new for many, Plug In @ Work makes vehicles available to select staff for weeklong test drives; testimonials of the experience are captured and shared with the community.

Companies hosting Plug In @ Work provide space for exhibitors on the day of the event, allow test-drives for interested staff within a set schedule, distribute advance information materials as appropriate for their company to ensure that staff get the most out of the day, and offer opportunities for workshops or discussions on topics of interest to the company. Plug In America helps ensure the success of each event by providing organizing materials, advance information, ensuring that a full range of companies representing the new electric vehicle universe participate,
facilitating advance test drives for senior staff interested in trying out a car prior to the event, and providing onsite support during the event itself.

Program Contact

If you have questions about Plug In @ Work and how to bring it to your campus, please contact us.



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