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Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, April 2013

Most Canadians will remember last month for the introduction of the country’s new $5 and $10 bills, which arrived just in time for the playoff-hockey betting season.

Canadian electric vehicle enthusiasts may remember April 2013, on the other hand, as the month the Toyota Prius Plug-in fell into fourth place among the country’s plug-ins.

But before we ponder sinking sales fortunes, let’s celebrate the podium-holders (among the carmakers who release monthly sales data).

Chevy Volt: 14 months and counting

After sharing the plug-in sales championship with the Nissan Leaf (82 units) last month, the Chevy Volt outpaced its rival in April, with 64 vehicles sold. Still, April marked the second consecutive month that its sales were down year-over-year (April 2012: 76 units).

May will probably continue that trend, as May 2012 saw the Volt rack up an impressive (by Canadian standards) 211 sales, representing 80 percent of the country’s plug-in electric vehicle market that month.

Nissan Leaf: always a bridesmaid

While the Nissan Leaf was the second-best selling car of any kind in Norway in April, in Canada it had to settle for the more modest title of second-best selling plug-in car, with 48 sales.

While this was a drop from March’s Volt-tying levels, April represents the third month in a row that sales had roughly doubled year-ago levels. (April 2012: 26 units)

i-MiEV, then Prius Plug-in

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV rolled back into third place in April, selling 24 units across the Great White North, essentially level with month-ago (26) and year-ago (22) levels.


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