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Plaid calls for electric car club support in Wales

PLAID Cymru has called for more support for electric car clubs in Wales.

One was launched in Pembrokeshire/Ceredigion last month by Cilgwyn Community Club.

It secured £25,000 from the Big Lottery Fund’s Village SOS programme for a community car share in Cilgwyn and nearby Newport.

Residents in the area can book sessions with its new Nissan Leaf online.
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Mid and West AM Simon Thomas made the call for support during questions to the Welsh Transport Minister Edwina Hart in the Senedd.

Mr Thomas said: “One of the problems facing such clubs is that there is no specific infrastructure for electric cars and no national standard for power points.

“I’m calling on the Welsh Government to promote electric car clubs, and car clubs in general, and to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to support them.”

He said the minister promised to make inquiries about how many car clubs there are across Wales and to look at infrastructure.



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