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Pirate Prerogative: Back in the Arms of the Polar Bear

It’s been a long thirty-nine days, but I finally got my Nissan Leaf back from the shop. In case you missed it, I got a new car. I drove it for a whopping eight days before hitting a pole and feeling like a complete fool. It seemed like a simple repair, but apparently concrete and cars are not friendly with each other. I ended up with a crumpled Leaf.

I really love my car, and being without it for so long made me realize it deserves another mention here. It has been on my green wish list for sometime now, so I am thrilled to actually be the owner of a 100% electric vehicle. I expected my next post on my car to detail how great the past month and a half of driving it has been. What I didn’t expect was to only have driven it for ten days in that amount of time.

So, I think the best way to express my adoration for my Nissan Leaf is to list the things I missed the most in our time apart.

A bigger bank account-Paying for a rental car, gas for said rental, and a hefty insurance deductible was painful.
Silence- It is truly a quiet ride. My version of silence in the Leaf usually involves listening to a podcast or music on my iPhone. It’s nice to eliminate engine noise.


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