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open-evse – Open Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) – Google Project Hosting

Open Hardware and Software for Charging J1772 compliant Electric Vehicles. The EVSE provides the connection, communication and safety devices between the EV and the wall.

Custom Enclosure for OpenEVSE added 2/12/2013 by chris1howell Diversified Stage, Inc. has designed custom enclosures for OpenEVSE projects. Their enclosures are available in both indoor version for $58 and an outdoor versions for $95. The enclosure are very high quality and will greatly reduce build time by several hours. They are pre-drilled for the most common parts, externally for AC/J1772, LCD cutout, Adafruit button and internaly for OpenEVSE board (with threaded standoffs), 30A relay, ground block, and fuses. The encloseure come with a hardware pack and a polycarbonate LCD window. To order visit Diversified Stage eStore

OpenEVSE DIY v4 Boards now available in the OSH store added 1/21/2013 by chris1howell

Laen at OSH Park is now offering bare OpenEVSE DIY v4 boards QTY 1 for $14.00 in the OSH Park store.

Announcing OpenEVSE firmware 1.0.0 added 8/21/2012 by chris1howell

Special thanks to lincomatic for lots of coding leading up to 1.0. Source Code located in Downloads, .hex files coming soon.

New features

-LCD Button Menu to modify EVSE settings with button



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