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Opbrid Bůsbaar Begins Charging Volvo Plug-In Hybrid Buses in Gothenburg, Sweden

The first charge of the new Volvo 7900 Plug-In Hybrid bus has just been completed successfully at Redbergsplatsen in downtown Gothenburg. The Opbrid Bůsbaar Ultra-fast charging station installed at each end of the #60 bus route supplies electricity to the new Volvo Plug-in Hybrid Bus to enable quiet, emission-free electric-only driving for the majority of the route.

Gothenburg, Sweden (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Göteborg Energi, the electricity provider for the City of Gothenburg, today shows for the first time its new Opbrid Busbaar charging station installed at Redbergsplatsen. The Opbrid Busbaar charging station will charge three new Volvo 7900 Plug-In Hybrid buses for 5-8 minutes at each end of the #60 bus line.
These new Volvo plug-in hybrid buses run completely silently and emissions-free for the majority of the route. Göteborg Energi will supply renewable electricity from its nearby wind turbines to power the buses, with the result being an exciting new form of sustainable transportation.
“Right now, the normal Volvo hybrid buses turn off their motor at a bus stop, then the diesel roars back to life after only a few seconds of driving. In contrast, the new Plug-in hybrid bus continues on silently on electricity for most of the route. It really is a dramatic difference,” says Roger Bedell, CEO, Opbrid SL.
The HyperBus project is funded partly by the EU Life+ Innovation program, as well as with contributions from Business Region Göteborg, Göteborg Energi, City of Göteborg Traffic & Public Transport Authority, Volvo Buses and the public transport company Västtrafik.
“Our being able to drastically reduce exhaust fumes and noise is important for everyone who lives, works and plays here.” says Birgitta Hellgren, Traffic Director, City of Gothenburg Traffic & Public Transport Authority.
The Volvo Plug-In Hybrid is based on the world leading Volvo 7900 Hybrid bus, but with the addition of a larger, energy optimized battery and ultra-fast charging capability. An Opbrid Bůsbaar charging station is located at each end of the bus route which fast charges the bus for a few minutes at the end of each trip. This extends the all-electric range of the Volvo hybrid bus to a predicted 60% or more of the route.
The plug-in hybrid buses will use renewable electricity as their primary power source and diesel for supplementary power. Plug-in technology allows the buses to be charged with grid electricity through connection to the Opbrid Bůsbaar ultra-fast charging station.
“We calculate that it only takes about 10 revolutions of one of our large wind turbines to power the bus from one end of the route to the other,” says Fredrik Persson, HyperBus project leader for Göteborg Energi.
About Opbrid
The Opbrid Bůsbaar is a brand of Opbrid S.L., based in Granada, Spain that is focused on providing ultra fast bus charging stations in Europe and worldwide. We believe that the ultra fast charge plug-in concept will revolutionize the urban bus, changing it from a loud, polluting, CO2 emitting vehicle into clean, quiet, sustainable transportation. For more information on the Opbrid Bůsbaar and fast charged plug-in buses in general, visit or phone+34 626 855 662.


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