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Nissan Slashes Leaf Price To Sell Electric Car In Australia

Nissan should be pleased with its Leaf sales over the first few months of this year–not only is it beating last year’s monthly rate, but it’s on a level with the previously higher-selling Chevy Volt.

Not so in Australia though, where the car is still struggling. In fact, it’s struggling enough that Nissan has cut a huge chunk off the price of a new Leaf.

According to The Telegraph, the car’s original introductory price of $51,500 AUS ($53,100 U.S.) has been slashed to $39,990 AUS drive-away ($41,200 U.S.).

That will still sound expensive to U.S. buyers, but it’s within $3,100 U.S. of the Toyota Prius out in Australia, as Nissan desperately tries to catch the attention of buyers.

To date, Nissan has sold only 116 Leafs in Australia–and now risks alienating these buyers, whose cars will now drop rapidly in value as new Leafs become cheaper than used examples. Nissan has said it won’t reimburse those early adopters for their loss, and reserves the right to change pricing just like any car company.


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