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Nissan Leaf Hits 25,000 U.S. Sales, 62,000 Sold Worldwide

The Nissan Leaf reached an important milestone this week: the hatchback EV hit 25,000 sales in the U.S. market.

The Nissan Leaf was first announced in 2009, but didn’t go on sale in the United States until December 2010. The electric vehicle–one of the first in a line of modern electric vehicles–claims a range of about 100 miles (or 73, according to the EPA’s testing methods) thanks to a 24-kWh, lithium-ion battery pack. The car is powered by a 110-hp AC electric motor and weighs a total of 3291 pounds (in 2013 spec).

2013 Nissan Leaf front left view 2 300×187 imageHitting 25,000 sales took some measure of time: Nissan sold just 19 in 2010 (all in its launch month, December), but sales picked up to 9693 in 2011. Sales hit 9819 in 2012, and Nissan claims 5476 sales in the first four months of this year, enough to set up a record year for the car. As of May first, Nissan sold 24,988 units of the car, just shy of the 25,000 mark. (Total international sales hit about 62,000 last month.)

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