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Nissan LEAF Expands as a Taxi

News, Nissan / Nissan LEAF Expands as a Taxi
Nissan LEAF Expands as a Taxi
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Nissan LEAF Expands as a Taxi
Taxi companies have begun to shift to zero-emission vehicles from the conventional diesel-powered taxis, and the Nissan Leaf seems to be the winner.

The Nissan Leaf, which is the best-selling EV in the world, is quickly becoming the favorite of all taxi drivers, as the vehicle offers lower running costs and pollutes less the city centers. It’s been two years since the Leaf hit the European market and the model is used as a taxi in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Holland, and more are countries are to adopt the EV taxi.

“LEAF is incredibly luxurious and taxi drivers – notoriously unhappy with change – love the way LEAF drives. The gadgets available via the steering wheel also help make drivers’ lives easier. With real-time savings of £5,000 (€5,900) a year in fuel, we’re expanding our fleet and will have 15 LEAFs on the road by summer 2014,” said UK, Phoenix Taxi Managing Director Alexander Hurst.


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