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Nissan Leads the Way in Auto Price Wars

The 2014 Nissan Versa starts at a sticker price of $12,780, giving it the title of cheapest new car in the U.S. for three straight years. The automaker boasts the lowest-price electric car in the U.S. as well, after dropping the base price of a Nissan Leaf by $6,400 earlier this year. Look for plummeting MSRPs on seven other Nissan models very soon too.

According to the Associated Press, the sticker prices on seven of the 18 models sold by Nissan in the U.S. will be marked down indefinitely. The Nissan Altima will see a $580 cut, for example, while the price of an Armada SUV will drop $4,400, or nearly 11%.

Despite Nissan’s bragging rights regarding the Versa’s Cheapest Car crown, and despite dropping sticker prices on several new models, the automaker is not exactly known as the rock-bottom Walmart of the car industry. In fact, it is decreasing prices because they have been out of line with the competition. More than four out of five consumers do online research before buying a car, and Nissan had discovered that some of its vehicles weren’t turning up in searches due to higher price points. By scaling back the sticker prices, Nissan will immediately get more of its cars on the radar of online shoppers.


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