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Nissan Electric Car Sales Booming In Oregon, Washington

Since the Northwest’s first Nissan Leaf was sold in late 2010, sales of the fully electric care have surged, then waned, and are now surging again. | credit: Tom Banse / Northwest News Network | rollover image for more
The automaker Nissan says sales of its fully electric Leaf compact surpassed all other Nissan models at dealers in the Seattle and Portland areas this spring. The announcement Wednesday runs counter to the prevailing wisdom that adoption of plug-in cars has been sluggish.

At Nissan USA headquarters, electric vehicle marketing & sales director Erik Gottfried says he’s scrambling to ship enough Leafs to meet demand in the Pacific Northwest. The car maker juiced its plug-in sales by slashing the sticker price and offering low-cost leases.

Gottfried says that was made possible by opening a domestic production line in Tennessee. “By moving production to the United States we have a little more control of our production costs and we’re not subject to shipping costs from Japan on boats and we also don’t have foreign exchange rate fluctuations.”

A Nissan dealership in Bellevue, Washington claims it’s the No. 1 seller of electric Leafs in the nation.


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