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New Volvo EV Charger Takes Only 1.5 Hours To Do Its Job | EarthTechling

Siemens is one of the world’s largest electronic and engineering firms. Volvo is well known for its safe cars. In August, 2011, the two powerhouses formed a strategic partnership into the development of electric vehicle charging technologies, drive systems, and electronics. There was focus, especially, on how to integrate such systems into the Volvo C30 three-door hatchback.

Volvo recently posted the first fruits of the two companies’ cooperative efforts. The first is an electric motor by Siemens that can generate 89 kilowatts, or 120 horsepower. Torque, or low-end acceleration, is 184 lb.-ft. of torque. According to the automaker, C30s equipped with the motor can zip from 0 to 43.5 mph in less than six seconds. While that’s an odd acceleration figure (most use 0 to 60 mph), it’s still fast.

Image courtesy of Volvo
But of more particular interest to consumers will be the partnership’s 22 kilowatt fast charger system. A major issue with all EVs is that it takes several hours to recharge their batteries. This is especially true using standard current like the 120V here in the U.S. Volvo says that its can recharge the C30′s battery system in roughly 1.5 hours. That makes it the one of the fastest, if notthe fastest, charging systems offered by any automaker.



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