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NEEAA : Message: Attacked-Hacked

Written by Ken Burridge on 01 May 2013

Electric Vehicle authority website ( reports a series of attacks and hacks.

“We must be doing something right if we are upsetting the status quo so much”, says Ken Burridge Editor-in-Chief of

electric vehicle website attacked by hackers

There has been a series of attacks on over the last several months.

In late October, 2012 had to permanently suspend even previously approved EV & EVSE manufacturers of their ability to update and post their own press release information–due to over 40,000 unsolicited and unapproved submissions being made in a time period of just a few weeks along with an almost equal number of fictitious accounts being created in an unsuccessful attempt to bring down the website. The EV & EVSE manufacturer press release process has since been reinstated on a case-by-case individual basis.

At a later date (in late January) for the better part of a day the the website was unable to display any of the images associated with over 500 Electric Vehicle and Green Sustainable Living related articles. However, in that particular case the staff members were able to restore the links to all the graphic images which numbered in the thousands in less than 24 hours.

However the latest round of attacks, which occurred at the end of February were much more serious and it will still be several more weeks (if not months) before all the damage can be repaired.

During the rebuilding period older archived articles can still be found at:



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