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Motoramic’s Long Term Review: 2012 Tesla Model S

The first 1,000 (or so) Tesla Model S electric vehicles off the company’s production line were Signature and Signature Performance limited editions. All of which came with a price-tag around $100,000 and a 85 kWh battery pack.

And Franklin Parlamis, a California investor who does not generally fancy up-scale vehicles, previously owning such cars as Subarus and Jeeps “because I generally don’t like drawing attention to myself,” found himself plunking down a cool $40,000 deposit on Tesla’s most expensive offering in order to get into one as quick as possible.

Now six months or so later, he offers his thoughts on his 265 mile electric sedan to Yahoo! Autos.
Tesla Model S Owner Franklin Parlamis (via Yahoo! Motoramic)

Tesla Model S Owner Franklin Parlamis (via Yahoo! Motoramic)

Parlamis does not pamper his Tesla by any stretch, as the moment it left the safety of Tesla’s flatbed delivery truck it has been well used.

Even for this review, the exterior was covered in a layer of dirt, the windshield had a large crack in it (that was to be repaired later that day) and the interior looked like any “common man’s” ride, complete with empty sport drink bottles, wrappers and pens littering the interior.

So if you are looking for how the Model S performs against other electric cars (and standard internal combustion engine vehicles) on the road today, this is probably the right owner to check in with. No pampered garage-only time for this Model S.

From Mr. Parlamis’ Marin County home he gives us all the ups and downs of owning the Model S. He says he has faced some glitches, but Tesla has always been available and willing to help him overcome them. On the topic of range, he does feel a bit let down however.

First Impressions

Having never owned a super car, getting behind the wheel of a 416 hp electric car that hits 60 mph in about 4 seconds, Franklin had no issues with the car’s performance, saying that having never “I’ve never driven a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but if they’re faster than this they must be amazing,” while his three kids love dad’s choice.


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