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M&M turning to techies to boost Reva car sales

Chetan Kumar, deputy chairman, Reva Electric Car Company, Bangalore, talking to newsmen and visitors at the Frankfurt motor show. (IANS Photo)

For its makers, the E20 is not just a car. As its name suggests, for them, it’s a digital four-wheeler. And that’s precisely why the Mahindra & Mahindra Group (M&M), which recently introduced the redesigned electric car Reva, is, for the first time, turning to its 80,000-odd IT workforce – employed with Tech Mahindra and Mahindra Saytam – to boost its sales.

Even if M&M could tap and convert 0.5 or 1 per cent of its existing IT staff into customers, E20 will be a run away success, if one considers its past sales record. Since its debut in 2001 till March, 2011, only 4,000 Reva cars have been sold.

Secondly, according to sources, M&M’s top management strongly thinks that E20, touted as a technology-embedded car with zero sound emission, will be a hit with techies as opposed to regular customers. And this could be the reason why, the company started previewing the car at its development centres across the country over the past few weeks and even before the commercial launch in respective cities.

“It is a useful strategy. Even the Tata Group has taken up a similar initiative with its Indigo and Indica models in the past,” said T R Madan Mohan, Managing Partner, Browne & Mohan Consultants.


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