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Los Gatos: Electric vehicles must ‘top off’ while parked at charging stations

The rules for parking at electric charging stations in downtown Los Gatos are changing, as the town seeks to accommodate the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road. When the town installed charging stations last June, it was with the understanding that they would be “first come, first served” for all. In other words, internal combustion vehicles could use them, too.

There are EV charging stations on S. Santa Cruz Ave. across from the Toll House Hotel, in the parking lot between Elm and Main streets, the lot between Royce Street and Grays Lane, and next to the library on Villa Avenue.

But allowing non-electric vehicles to use the spaces has proved problematic because internal combustion vehicles are apparently keeping the EVs out.

When the town council approved the charging stations, members were hesitant to take away parking spaces that could be used by the general public. But with the number of electric vehicles predicted to hit the 1 million mark nationwide by 2015, council members voted unanimously to convert the charging stations to exclusive EV use while charging. Signs will be posted when the new policy takes affect, but the council did not set a timeline for implementation.


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