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Library Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Celebrating the dedication of two electric vehicle charging stations at the Central Park Library, dozens of Bay Area electric vehicle owners joined Mayor Jamie Matthews, and Council Members Pat Kolstad and Teresa O’Neill as they symbolically cut a gasoline hose on May 11.

The Blink EV charging stations ( provide electricity at both Level 3 (480-volt DC fast charging) and Level 2 (208/240-volt AC charging) power levels, and will accept either credit cards or ChargePass pre-paid cards. The Level 2 charger located in the parking garage and the Level 3 station outside the library can accommodate two vehicles each.

The Blink DC Fast Chargers features include: mobile-phone based payment options and credit card payments, advertising revenue and messaging opportunities, LCD touch screen display with intuitive interface, CHAdeMO compliant EV connector – the most widely used connector for fast-charge-capable electric vehicles worldwide – docking connector which prevents accidental disconnection and de-energizes when not in use or incorrectly connected, a cable that can withstand being driven over by a vehicle, certified energy and demand metering and is capable of providing a full charge in less than 30 minutes.
Library Unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

“This is a wonderful example of the library’s role as a community gathering place,” said Mary Boyle, Adult Services Librarian, Central Park Library. “Library patrons can charge their cars while taking a computer class or attending a gardening or financial literacy program. A multi-tasking mother might charge the car while the children are at a program and she is finding out about electronic books.”



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