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It’s EV Time — Ford puts jolt into electric vehicle lineup with new hybrids and plug-ins topping 100 mpg – The Post and Courier

This 2013 Ford Focus EV, which just arrived at Palmetto Ford, is parked along the bridge to Edgewater Park west of the Ashley. The model gets an equivalent of more than 100 miles to the gallon (Leroy Burnell/ this photo


The Post and Courier

A power charger at Palmetto Ford juices up the battery in the new Focus all-electric vehicle (Leroy Burnell/

Palmetto Ford has a charging device hooked on the wall outside the showroom (Leroy Burnell/

The fuel tank on the new Ford Focus EV is near the front of the car (Leroy Burnell/

A cap in the C-Max plug-in hybrid pops open to reach the socket (Leroy Burnell/

The new Ford Focus EV can travel 76 miles on a charge (Leroy Burnell/

This Ford has a plug on the floor that can be used to charge up the car. (Leroy Burnell/

The electric engine is in the front on the Ford Focus EV ( Leroy Burnell/

The C-Max Energi is a plug-in hybrid from Ford, traveling 20-21 miles with just an electric charge and then switching to hybrid mode (Leroy Burnell/

Hedi Livingston, sales professional for Palmetto Ford, prepares to lift up the cargo hold located in front of the batteries (Leroy Burnell/

The Focus EV has 66 miles left on its charge, according to a gauge on the information display (Leroy Burnell/

Livingston demonstrates how the cargo area in the Focus EV can be rearranged for more storage space (Leroy Burnell/

A few carmakers from Japan and the U.S. primarily have lead the way in hybrid technology and in rolling out the first all-electric vehicles.

Ford Motor Co. likely would confirm that it wasn’t one of them. But now that the 110-year-old manufacturer is committed to battery power as an alternative or complementary fuel, it has surged forward with a host of new vehicles.

Ford “is not always the first to the table,” said Graham Eubank, president of Palmetto Ford Lincoln in Charleston. But the company goes all out when it embraces a style or technology. “It’s not just one model,” he said.

For the 2013 vehicle year, Ford has taken such strides that the carmaker calls its brochure on the new lineup the “Electric Playbook.”

Models are the 2013 C-Max Hybrid, C-Max Energi, Fusion Hybrid, Fusion Energi and Focus Electric.

Palmetto Ford Lincoln, a “certified EV” dealership for Ford Motor, received its first shipments of four of the vehicles this spring. The Fusion Energi is expected to come out later this year. Also, the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is expected out in the next few months, Eubank said.



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