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Illinois Company Introduces Low-Cost 120-Volt Public Charger for Electric Cars

he simplest, cheapest and most effective solution to many technical and social problems is often overlooked—because it’s too obvious. For public electric car charging, nearly all the industry’s efforts have been placed on relatively expensive Level 2 240-volt chargers, as well as more powerful so-called Quick Charging systems. Manufacturers have almost entirely overlooked the vast potential for Level 1 120-volt charging equipment as an effective and economical approach to public EV charging.

That could change, with the release of the L1 Power Post, the industry’s first Level 1 public charging station—introduced this week by Telefonix, at the International Parking Institute’s conference and expo in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Allen Will, director of business development at Telefonix, has been closely observing the EV industry for the past several years. “I’ve always been a car guy, and I really love electric vehicles,” he told me, in a phone interview while attending the parking industry conference in Florida. Will drives a Chevy Volt. “I’ve never loved a car more than this thing,” he said.


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