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IDF Exploring the Use of Electric Cars

idfjEight high-ranking IDF officers will soon receive electric cars in an effort to examine the feasibility of the IDF’s ´s broader use of such vehicles

The IDF is currently examining the potential for integrating electric vehicles into its fleet, as part of an ongoing effort to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. A pilot program, scheduled to begin this month, will see electric cars loaned to eight senior IDF officers. Additionally, free temporary charging stations will be installed at major IDF bases and at the homes of participating officers.

The pilot will test the vehicles’ efficiency, the readiness of the infrastructure and whether the vehicles are easy to use. The IDF is conducting the initiative in conjunction with Better Place – an Israel-based company pioneering electric vehicle technology and infrastructure.

“The IDF has one of the largest fleets of vehicles in the country,” explained Major Ilan Bitan, Head of the Passenger Vehicle Section of the Logistical Equipment Department. “There are thousands of private vehicles at every rank. Every small vehicle change has the potential to bring greater efficiency and savings.”

Electric vehicles have many advantages as compared to cars that rely on gasoline. In addition to cutting fuel consumption, such vehicles do not require oil changes, and their cost of maintenance is low.


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