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Goal: 3,000 plug-in electric stations – Times Union

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to juice up the market for electric cars in the state.
Among Cuomo’s plans, as detailed Friday in a release: boosting the number of charging stations and a review of regulations that could make the expansion easier.
Rather than gasoline pumps, all-electric cars such as the utilitarian Nissan Leaf or high-priced Tesla sports models must be plugged into charging stations when their batteries are depleted.
The Leaf, for example, has a range of about 70 miles.
The administration said it would establish 360 plug-in stations statewide. Over the next five years, Cuomo wants a network of 3,000 stations. The number of private charging stations wasn’t immediately known.
Ultimately, the goal is to have 40,000 plug-in cars on state roads by 2018, with a million by 2025.
Market growth for electric cars has been slow due to several factors, including the high initial purchase cost and limited range.
Rebates, cheap leases and subsidies help reluctant buyers decide to try a plug-in vehicle.
A recent American Automobile Association survey found that 80 percent of respondents said they weren’t planning to buy a plug-in car.

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