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Europe: Greenway on electromobility

A structural change is expected to happen in the way we power our cars. Automotive industry is one of the largest industries globally with a yearly production of over 80 mil. vehicles and turnover of almost EUR 1,6 trillion. EVs and Hybrid Electric Vehicles could in 2020 constitute 17% of newly registered vehicles in solely in Europe, United States, China and Japan alone. Considering the complexity of electromobility which is definitively not only related to the construction of the car, this market share calls for the emergence of a whole new industry the size of Switzerland’s GDP in merely a few years.

The main problem in electromobility development is the absence of charging infrastructure. That’s why it is necessary first to solve the dilemma whether to start with development of expensive infrastructure, or to produce and innovate EVs for non-existent infrastructure, basically to find the way out of this vicious circle. We believe the SYSTEM is the solution, the integration of both charging stations and the EVs.

GreenWay operator will provide the client with a fleet of light-duty EVs for his own use. These vehicles will have a similar storage and load capacity as vehicles currently used by the client. The vehicles will be authorized (homologated) for operation in Slovak Republic. The vehicle will have a designated range, which together with GreenWay charging infrastructure will allow full and reliable use of EVs on client’s distribution routes. We assume that the range of new vehicles will grow in coming years, depending on technological progress. Each vehicle will be clearly visually distinguishable from conventional combustion engine vehicles (branding). Vehicles’ service life will be comparable to the service life of current vehicles. When using such vehicles, the client must though respect specific rules, these implementable with no special effort on his side. These rules concern themselves mainly with charging, garaging and partly the driving style.

An important role will belong to the IT infrastructure of the system itself, charging and the EVs, as it will be capable to check the actual vehicle operation as well as the method and correctness of charging.

IT architecture will consist of main component, namely:

GreenWay centre, providing overview, archiving, efficiency and billing for individual vehicles
actual IT vehicle system to control and collect information on vehicle for central management
IT facilities for charging or battery swap stations to control and collect information on the vehicle for central management.

Actual battery swap does not constitute a technical problem nor does it require any special technical skill, it also takes time comparable with conventional refueling. Overnight charging poses no risks nor is difficult.

Operator will be ready as quickly as possible to complete the charging infrastructure to fulfill the needs of new clients or to expand services already provided to existing clients.


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