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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, live at D11

That’s a wrap for today’s festivities at D11! You can relive all of the action so far here ( and we’ll be back tomorrow morning with Google and Sony, amongst others! G’night, folks.
Darren Murph 8:53 PM

A: “That’s been my main focus lately. We had some nightmarish situations in the Jan. / Feb. time frame. For example, LA was bad for a while, we were operating at one-third capacity. But now, we have all three open. It’s going to take an enormous amount of work to scale that nationally. I don’t know if I have any brilliant insights. You have to have really good diagnostic tools — but the car can do a lot of that itself.”
Darren Murph 8:52 PM

Q: “It generally takes 300 dealerships to support 100,000 units — I want to understand what your plans are. The middle part of the country will start to understand. How will you make it happen in regard to a dealership network / service?” (That’s from an ex-Toyota guy, by the way.)
Darren Murph 8:51 PM

Musk is getting seriously nerdy up in here explaining how he’s cutting cost on VISITING SPACE.
Image uploaded 8:50 PM

Darren Murph 8:50 PM

A: “When I started SpaceX, I thought the most likely outcome is that we would fail. I thought that was very likely.”
Darren Murph 8:49 PM

Q: “My question is about SpaceX — you’ve managed to reduce the cost to orbit with more incremental improvements. At which point did you realize that such an opportunity existed?”
Image uploaded 8:46 PM

Darren Murph 8:46 PM

Musk: “I have a hard time condemning the oil and gas companies, because the current system encourages them to engage in this behavior.”
Darren Murph 8:46 PM

A: “I hope others make a concerted effort to make electric vehicles. If Tesla makes competitive cars, we’ll deserve to be around. If we don’t, we won’t. We’re doing our best to convince others to make electric cars. I hope they look at the success of the Model S, and that encourages them to make a big move into electric cars. As for oil companies — because we have an unpriced externality, the incentive structure is such that… the oil companies have. Well, it’s hard to ask an oil company CEO to act against their best interest. The right thing for us to do is to change the rules of the game so it encourages the right behavior. A carbon tax is the right way to go. I do think it’s sensible to disproportionally tax things that have a likelihood for being bad, much like tobacco.”
Darren Murph 8:44 PM

Q: “With the success of the Model S, you have to know that other automakers will be gunning for you, and also, do you have a message for the nation’s oil companies?”
Darren Murph 8:43 PM

Musk: “I initially agreed to be a part of because we do have some immigration laws that need changed. But, I think the methods that were employed were a bit too Kissinger-esque. I think we should try to make things happen for the right reason, and we shouldn’t give in to the cynicism of politics. If we do anything to encourage that, we’ll get the political system that we deserve.
Darren Murph 8:42 PM

Mossberg’s asking about the demise of, the group started by Zuckerberg…
Image uploaded 8:41 PM

Darren Murph 8:40 PM

Also, for those unaware, Musk said the same thing about Hyperloop in September of 2012. But still, kind of crazy. Even in 2013.
Darren Murph 8:39 PM

A: “We’re working on v2 of our Dragon spacecraft in partnership with NASA. They’re our biggest customer — but we hope to see flights for civilians in two to three years.”
Darren Murph 8:39 PM

Q: “When are you planning to take the first people up into orbit?”
Darren Murph 8:39 PM

Is this real life?
Darren Murph 8:39 PM

Musk: “It’s a cross between a Concorde and a railgun. And I’ll throw something else in there to make it more bizarre — toss in an air hockey table.”
Darren Murph 8:38 PM

(P.S — see Wikipedia: — again, thanks to @phonewisdom.
Darren Murph 8:38 PM

Musk: “I’d love to answer that, but that’d be the news tomorrow… but I need to do the Tesla news tomorrow. I’ll talk about the Hyperloop idea pretty soon. We’ll have a Tesla announcement around June 20th or so, and… at some point after that, that’d be a good time to talk about Hyperloop. The basic thought is: “Is there a better way to travel quickly from, say, downtown LA to SF, that’s better than the high-speed rail that’s being proposed. That would actually be the slowest bullet train in the world and the most expensive per mile in the world. It’s a little depressing to have the slowest bullet train in the world in California at enormous cost.”


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