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Electric car battery wants to support a 250 mile range

A new development in extending the range of electric cars on a single charge of a battery could soon mean range anxiety is more of a thing of the past. This interesting research breakthrough comes from Australia’s University of Wollongong (UOW).

Researchers at UOW’s Institute for Superconducting & Electronic Materials (ISEM), according to the university, have been working on improving lithium-ion batteries for not just electric cars, but also portable devices like mobile phones to extend their talk time. Led by nano-engineer Professor Zaiping Guo, they are said to have developed “a new Germanium (Ge)-based material with 5 times more energy storage and the potential to go at least 2 times farther on a charge than current electric vehicles.”
2013 Nissan Leaf

Image courtesy of Nissan

Guo, talking with the Illwarra Mercury, said that, specific to EVs, most typically have a range of 160 km, or about 100 miles. With the new battery development, they believe by “applying our nano-material engineering technology to lithium batteries, we have been able to develop a battery that can achieve a 400-kilometre (248 miles) driving range.”
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