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eaasv : Message: Re: Would you put your electric car through an automated car wash?

I hardly ever wash my cars, but can share the following experience:
My EV is a conversion of a Ford Ranger truck (1989, converted in 95)
Once there was so much rainwater on the road that it got into the
controller or motor and the EV faulted (probably after driving through a
puddle). Note that this is a brushed DC (forklift) motor, not the fully sealed
AC motor as typically found on production cars.

I can wash my cars with a hose and in doing so, I caused a weird
fault the other day where after washing and driving to work, the
truck would not switch off when I turned the key off.
I was able to trace this to a relay that was mounted upside down
under the hood near the firewall, a place that sees water pass through
when washing (or in heavy rain) and the sealing of one relay
apparently failed, so it filled with water, being upside down.
Just unplugging the relay, shaking the water out and plugging it
back (moving the wires to allow it to stay right side up) removed the
weird behavior and my truck has worked without fault since.

I used to have a different EV factory conversion (US Electricar)
that I did take through the automated car wash, as well as our Prius
which would be more comparable to the modern factory EVs.
Since there are millions of Prius sold and in daily use and I never
heard of a problem going through a car wash, I am quite convinced
that there is no issue…

Plenty EVs are also in use in inclement weather, which would be


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